We take pride in our facilities and our staff. In our effort to be the best Baseball and Softball Academy in the DFW Metroplex, we depend on the feedback we get from ballplayers and parents. So let us know when we're hitting a home run, or alert us to a rare foul ball.

"I just wanted to send Kirk and Zack a big 'Thank you!' for the hitting instruction as well as the team clinic.  Our kids continued to work on the drills and build on the instruction provided by Kirk.  My Grapevine Coach Pitch 8U Dodgers team went on to win the Spring 2014 league championship after going 8-1-1 through the season!  I'll continue to recommend D-BAT DFW to all looking to improve the play of their little leaguers."
—Jason S. from Grapevine
"Great facility and instructors! My son is new to the game and has been taking hitting lessons with Matt, Jr. It has been great to see the instructors make the game fun as well as the improvements my son has made. My son asks to go hit and take a lesson everyday because "it's fun!" In addition, the staff make everything easy, and the customer service to date has been phenomenal. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the work your team has put in with my son!"
—Rob from Southlake
"My daughters have been taking hitting and pitching lessons from Caty. Both of my girls have learned so much and have advanced so fast due in large part because Caty takes the time to teach them the proper mechanics, and then encourages them to do their softball 'homework' during the week - pitching and hitting. She has not only taught my girls about the mechanics of hitting and pitching, she has also taught the older one who is playing 10U about situational hitting and pitching, which is paying off directly on the field - in games and practice. Above all else, Caty makes it fun for my girls and as a parent that's the most important outcome of all. Thank you D-Bat and thank you Caty!"
—Glenn from Southlake
"Our son has been taking hitting lessons from Matt Jr. and pitching lessons from Coach Osteen for several months now. I have seen a huge improvement in his level of play. He really enjoys his time at D-BAT DFW. Thank you for the work you have put in with him. It has been a huge help."
—Steve N.
"Our three boys have been taking lessons from Matt Jr, Rick, and Kirk. Matt is an excellent batting coach, and my two older boys have benefited from his instruction immensely. Rick is an excellent pitching coach - he keeps it simple and to the point. Kirk was a wonderful coach for my 6 year old. He made it fun, but also taught him so much and kept his attention and energy going the entire time. Thank you DBat for the great facility, great coaches and courteous staff."
—Joyce from Argyle