"Hit beyond the cage" with HitTrax - the simulator that will change the way you play the game.

HitTrax allows players to step into the major league ballpark they've always dreamed of playing in, and watch their hits or pitches play out in real time. But, HitTrax is much more than a video game.

The simulator allows players and coaches to identify specific strengths and weakness with more precision than ever before. Plus, players will immediately see improvement feedback as they implement their coach's suggestions.

Players can export their stats, spray charts, and more...giving them data they can use to help reinforce developing skills.

HitTrax can help you get more out of your next lesson or team hitting practice, or you can reserve the system to get in a game with some friends. Also look for upcoming hitting leagues, home run derby's, tournaments and more!

HitTrax is available by reservation only. To reserve the HitTrax System please contact our front desk.